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Social media marketing involves in sharing the relevant and interesting content to your network of fans, followers and connections. Social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter provide an excellent platform for the user engagement. Around 82% of internet users utilize social media channels actively, hence it provides an ideal marketing opportunity for the businesses.

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Competitive Analysis

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Facebook Marketing

  • Engagement Campaign
  • Page Likes Campaign
  • Conversion Campaign
  • Remarketing Campaign
  • Messages Campaign
  • Brand Awareness Campaign

Instagram Marketing

  • Brand Awareness Campaign
  • Conversion Campaign
  • Consideration Campaign
  • Remarketing Campaign

Twitter Marketing

  • Tweet Engagement Campaign
  • Website Clicks or Conversions Campaign
  • Awareness Campaign
  • App Installs Campaign
  • Followers Campaign
  • Promoted Video Views Campaign
  • Remarketing Campaign

LinkedIn Marketing

  • Engagement Campaign
  • Website visits Campaign
  • Brand Awareness Campaign
  • Video views Campaign
  • Lead Generation Campaign
  • Website Conversions Campaign
  • Job Applicants Campaign
  • Remarketing Campaign

About This Service

At Pixar Digital Marketing, we provide social media marketing services for all type of business in Sri Lanka and other countries. We know how to manage social media marketing and help you to grow the business. Traditional marketing can sometimes be a drain on funds. Our social media marketing campaigns are designed specifically to support your businesses goals. We design and build your branded social media accounts, increasing the number of quality online followers, and create engaging and shareable social content.

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