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What is Google Gallery Ads?

Have you noticed that search results which come with a sliding image? It gives you an idea of the product or service you are looking for with an image. Google recently launched its new type of ad called Gallery ads, which will display a slider in the search results.

What are Google gallery ads?

Gallery ads are a slider type ads which you can swipe the images in search results that mixes users search intent with related visual image. The ads are shown at the top of the search engine results page and provide better engagement chances from potential customers. You can use Google gallery ads to connect with people before they visit your website or post-click landing page by showcasing lifestyle imagery and brand consistent visual content.

It lets search users cycle through image cards and allows them to click an ad to expand it into vertical view to view larger quickly. The CTA (Call to action) button that appears at the end of the gallery takes users to the advertiser’s landing page where they can get more information about the offers in the carousel.

Does the gallery ads appear in both desktop and mobile?

No, Google gallery ads are designed to show specifically only in mobile devices. They are shown in the first position on a mobile search results page along with swipeable image carousels.

When will the Google gallery ad show?

Google ads run only in the Search campaign ad group along with the text ads. Google gallery ads also bid in the same auction against other text ads. Unlike the search ads, Gallery ads only show one ad at a time for the users.

Is there any specific character count & ad specification?

Similar to Facebook carousel ads, gallery ads contain a fixed headline and a display URL on top. 

Gallery ads contain a static headline and display URL on top similar to Facebook’s carousel ad type. You can add a minimum of 4 images and a maximum of 8 images in the slider with descriptions on each image. Each image has it’s own tagline with up to 70 characters.

How will it be charged for Gallery ads?

Advertisers will be charged for each click or from 3 swipes of the user make. However, the charge will be only once even if a user swipes 3 images and click the ad.

Overall Google’s gallery ad will be very useful for advertisers who are doing PPC marketing campaigns to sell their products or services.

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