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Halo Flights

Halo Flights

Service by Pixar Digital Marketing

Project Detail

Halo Flights, a leading travel agent in the UK, specializes in providing airline tickets from the UK to worldwide destinations. While there was a tough competition in the travel agency field, Halo Flights decided to generate leads through social media channels. So, Halo Flights consulted and decided to outsource their social media marketing to us.

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ClientHalo Flights
Project Date15 August 2018

The Strategy

We systematically took control over Halo Flight’s social media platforms and sketched a complete strategy with relevant content, which we distributed in specific tones of voice and targeted selected audiences on Instagram and Facebook. For each of these, niche related hashtags were included in order to increase impressions and engagement. We revamped the existing visual content on Facebook and added imagery from the agency’s brands for more relevance, while on LinkedIn we used a B2C strategy.

Impressive Results

The results were outstanding as we got more than expected leads through Facebook campaigns and additionally, we were able to achieve a good number of messages.

Social Channel Followers Increased by 70%

Received More than 100 Messages Daily

ROI Increased 70&